Andrew Mooijman: Specialist in Digital Transformation, Interim Management, IT Consultancy, Innovation management, Bussines Ecosystems, Change management & Blockchain technology


Successful Digital Transformation requires leadership and experience to do this successfully. Andrew Mooijman has gained experience in past projects and digital transformations.
This is especially true when it comes to Digital Ecosystems Design and Blockchain / Digital Identity related transformations.

Successful change means co-operation & co-creation!

Being part of the team and active participation in the realisation of a digital transition are a part of our success!
Succesful Digital Transformation goes beyond digitising existing applications and business processes.
People make the difference. It requires rethinking and possibly transforming part(s) of your business. We help define, implement and support that process.

Blockchain development

Today’s digital transformations often involve innovative technologies , such as blockchain, AI and cloud, which are combined with existing applications.
Successful implementation requires overview and experience. Often it is not limited to "just technical" knowledge. Out of past projects we have the experience that we can add to your existing development teams. Next to that we could also provide complete teams or the completed solutions (Development & Implementation).

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